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Tuzki (Chinese: ???; Pinyin: Tusiji) is a popular rabbit character used in emoticons, similar to Onion Head and Yoyo & Cici. Tuzki is very popular among Chinese internet users on forums, Tencent QQ and MSN messenger and its popularity has led to fanclubs, postcards Tuzki Emoticons: Real Person Version - Students at a Chinese university recreate a. emoticons often used by netizens on China's BBS forums, MSN, and QQ. 16 Funny Tuzki bunny workaholic gifs emoji download rabbit emoticons rabbit .. 51 Cute little rabbit QQ emoticons download rabbit emoticons rabbit emoji. 29 Nov 2009 Tuzki (???, tu si ji) is a popular white rabbit cartoon character that appears on many emoticons used on Chinese QQ, MSN, and BBS forums. 045 16 funny tuzki bunny workaholic gifs emoji download rabbit emoticons rabbit 51 cute little rabbit qq emoticons download rabbit emoticons rabbit emoji. 4 May 2011 Three months later, Wang made an animated emoticon of it. It appeared all over people's online conversations on QQ and MSN Messenger, 26 Mar 2014 Chinese netizens would probably find it weird to hear few foreigners have ever used a bunny emoticon while chatting on QQ, WeChat or Skype. 27 Nov 2009 Tuzki is a popular illustrated bunny character, created by Momo Wang, when she was an undergraduate at the Beijing Broadcasting Institute. Featured in a variety of emoticons, her character has become popular with QQ and MSN users. Nowadays Tuzki has extended his emoticon popularity to different major

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